Annual Membership/Business Meeting December 1, 2023
Atlanta Hilton
Atlanta, GA
6:15-7:00 pm

I. Call to Order, D. Walker-Dalhouse, President
II. Approval of Agenda, D. Walker-Dalhouse, President 
III. Approval of Minutes, D. Walker-Dalhouse 
IV. President’s Report: D. Walker-Dalhouse 
V. President-Elect’s Report: A. Tatum
VI. Vice President’s Report: F. Boyd
VII. Past President’s Report: D. Yaden
VIII. Treasurer’s Report: M. Mallette
IX. Headquarters’ Report, J. Metzgar
X. New Business

 X. Executive Committee and Board Members 

Gratitude to Outgoing Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Award Chairs 

Outgoing Board Members
-Past President (David Yaden)
-Board Directors (Virginia Goatley, Mary McVee,Patriann Smith)
Outgoing Standing Committee Chairs: 
-Alice Lee (Field Council)
Outgoing Award Committee Chairs:
– Tisha Lewis Ellison (Distinguished Scholar Lifetime Achievement)
– Grace Enriquez (Edward B. Fry Book)
– Kathleen Hinchman (Arthur Applebee Award for Excellence in Research on Literacy)
Gratitude to ICGs:
– Reka Barton and Alex Corbitt (Doctoral Students)
– Emily Howell (Formative Experiments and Design-based Research)
– Samuel DeJulio (History)
– Lina Trigos-Carillo and Lijun Jin (International)
– Lenny Sanchez and Mariannella Nunez (Multilingual/Transnational Literacies) 
– Joan Rhodes and Tammy Milby (Reading Clinic/Literacy Labs)
XI. Introduction of Incoming Board Members
Incoming Board Members: 
Vice-President Elect 
Cynthia Brock
Board Members 
-Tisha Ellison Lewis 
-Nicole Mirra 
-Christian Ehret
XII. New Business
XIII. Transfer of the Gavel, D. Walker-Dalhouse, President and A Tatum, President-elect
XIV. Adjournment