Annual Membership/Business Meeting

December 2, 2022

Arizona Grand Resort and Spa

Phoenix, AZ

6:00-7:00 pm




  1. Call to Order, D. Yaden, President


  1. Approval of Agenda, D. Yaden, President (No revisions, approved as submitted, general consent).


III.          Approval of Minutes, R. Salas, Secretary (No revisions, approved as submitted, general consent).


  1. President’s Report: D. Yaden


  1. President-Elect’s Report: D. Walker-Dalhouse


  1. Vice President’s Report: A. Tatum

  • Theme for the 2023 Conference to be held at the Hilton in Atlanta, GA November 28 – December 2 is: Interrogating Hierarchies: Building a Humanitarian Literacy Research Architecture that Binds

  • The 2023 Nominations slate:


  1. VP- Elect

  • Cynthia Brock

  • Douglas Fisher


  1. LRA Board

  • Tisha Lewis Ellison

  • Emily Hayden

  • Jayne Lammers

  • Stephanie Lemley

  • Christian Micha

  • Nicole Mirra


VII.     Past President’s Report: G. Thompson-McMillion

  • Worked to establish More than a Conference Initiative

  • Collective Impact Major Research Initiative

  • Marketing, Fund Development and Recruitment (MFDR)


VIII.      Treasurer’s Report: M. Mallette

  • Budget changed to fiscal year


  1. Headquarters’ Report, Association Services Group, V. Mayor

  • Membership currently at 1100

  • Job posting site has had 26 total postings ($7,800.00 in revenue)


  1. In Memoriam tribute


  1. Gratitude to Outgoing Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Award Chairs

Executive Committee and Board Members


Outgoing Board Members

-Past President (Gwen McMillon)

-Board Directors (Cynthia Brock, Gina Cervetti, Melanie Kuhn)


Outgoing Standing Committee Chairs:

Policy & Legislative

  • Danielle Dennis


  • Kristen Perry


  • Haeny Yoon


Awards Committee:


Albert J. Kingston

  • Paola Pilonieta


  1. Michael Parker

                        –   Mikel Cole


Gratitude to ICGs:

– Tairan Qui, Reka Barton, Alex Corbit (Doctoral Students)

– Ryan McCarty (Formative Experiments and Design-based Research)

– Bettina Buch & Lina Trigos-Carillo (International)

– Lenny Sanchez and Matthew Deroo (Multilingual/Transnational Literacies)

– Barbara Laster and Leslie Cavendish (Reading Clinic/Literacy Labs)

– Dixie Massey (History)


XII.  Introduction of Incoming Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Award Chairs

Incoming Board Members:

Vice-President Elect

Fenice Boyd


Board Members

-Zhihui Fang

-Ana Christina da Silva Iddings

– Bogum Yoon


Standing Committees

– Policy & Legislative – Marcus Croom

– Ethics – Emily Machado

– Publications – Melody Zoch

– Technology and Digital Communications – Lindsay Woodward


Award Committees

– J. Michael Parker – Alicia Rusoja


XIV.   Transfer of the Gavel, D. Yaden, President and D. Walker-Dalhouse,  President-elect


  1. Adjournment (Approved by General Consent on 12/2/22)