Gender & Sexualities Committee


  • To promote impactful research, policy, and practice around the intersections of literacy and gender, and sexuality.
  • To forward an agenda of justice, equity, equality, and diversity centered around gender and sexualities and their intersections with other identities.
  • To promoting and encouraging literacy research that highlights perspectives around gender and sexualities, especially as those identities intersect with race, class, language, nationality, religion, age, ability, or culture. 
  • To identifying and advocating for programmatic opportunities that work to rectify power imbalances with particular attention to intersectional identities and structural forces.
  • To collaborating with Ethnicity, Race, and Multilingualism (ERM) to create organizational opportunities that foreground literacy research and practice from intersectional perspectives and backgrounds.
  • To encouraging interaction and engagement with organizations and scholars involved in outreach, advocacy, or research that foregrounds gender inequities or LGBTQ populations in various local, national, and global contexts.

Committee Members