We are excited to announce a new initiative for the 74th LRA Annual Conference. We are inviting submissions in all languages, embracing and honoring the diversity of linguistic repertoires within our community. Proposals can be submitted in any language preference of the submitter. Additionally, presentations can be delivered in any language preference of the presenter, including the use of multiple languages. The goal is to support and celebrate the diversity of languages that make up LRA. This initiative is an exciting milestone towards achieving this goal.


If you would like to submit a conference proposal in languages other than English, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your 2024 All-Academic account (If you have not already, you must create a new account): https://convention2.allacademic.com/one/lra/lra24/
  2. Click on Submit or Edit a Proposal.
  3. Submit your proposal to Area 8. (Please note that all proposals for this special call must be submitted to Area 8.)

Please refer to the FAQ sheet for more information about this special call for proposals.


A Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) sheet may be found at:


If you have additional questions, you may contact LRA Headquarters at:



We eagerly anticipate this new opportunity and direction for our community, and look forward to receiving the diverse range of proposals that will enrich our annual conference in Atlanta!


Raúl Alberto Mora, Chair, Multilingual Presentation Special Committee,



Fenice B. Boyd, Conference Chair



Cynthia H. Brock, Associate Conference Chair


Deadline to submit your proposal is May 1st (11:59 pm PST).