Walking Directions from the MARTA Station to the Atlanta Hilton

• After retrieving luggage, guests should follow the directional signage to the airport’s MARTA station. There will be fare vending machines inside the station. These machines accept payment cards and US dollars. Most guests will want to buy a $1.00 Breeze ticket and purchase a round trip fare for $2.50 each way for a total of $6.00. More information about fares, routes, schedules, and upgrading to a Breeze Card can be found at www.itsmarta.com.
• Guests can board ANY TRAIN at the Airport MARTA station and never have to transfer! After approximately 18 minutes, guests should step off at the Peachtree Center Station and follow signs to the Peachtree Center Mall, also known as The Hub.
• There is a steep escalator which will take guests up to street level.
• Take a right at the top of the escalator and enter Peachtree Center Mall/The Hub through the sliding glass doors.
• Start walking through the Food Court. Turn left where you see “The Hub” wall signage and Caribou Coffee. You’ll see a ceiling sign with an arrow pointing towards the Marriott and Hilton on the right.
• When you make this right turn, you will be walking past Yami Yami Sushi on your left, then Aviva by Kameel on your right. Walk through the next set of sliding glass doors onto the bridge veering left.
• At the end of the bridge will be a small ramp. Walk down this ramp and continue walking towards the new office building’s security desk.
• Turn left at the security desk, walking past the escalators through another set of sliding glass doors. Turn right once inside the doors. You’ll then be required to turn left.
• Walk through just one more set of sliding glass doors in front of you (do not walk through the second set). Turn right and walk into the atrium of the Marriott Marquis. You will now be on what’s called the “Atrium Level” of their hotel.
• Use any set of elevators, stairs, or escalators to go down two floors to the “Marquis Level,” which is the lowest level of their building.

Marriott Marquis
From MARTA & The Hub - Go down two floors of the atrium - Skybridge to The Hilton

• Follow signage on this level identifying the Skybridge to the Hilton (which will be on the opposite endof the atrium) and walk across the bridge. You will now be on the second floor of the Hilton.

• Walk down the small sets of steps or ramp and veer right towards the Hilton’s atrium elevators. Takean elevator down to the first floor lobby to check in.