Barr/Mosenthal Handbook of Reading Research Award

Barr/Mosenthal Award


The Barr/Mosenthal Award is funded by royalties generously donated over many years by editors and authors of the Handbook of Reading Research. The goal of the HRR Fund is to promote and widen the understanding of literacy research in developing (non-OECD) countries. The Award aims to build the capacity of literacy educators and the institutions in which they work to conduct, disseminate, and increase the impact of literacy research. The expectation is that the Awards will be focused on individuals and institutions who prepare and develop the expertise of teachers.


Maximum award amount is $2,500 US. More than one Award may be made in a single year if the Award Committee so recommends.


Deadline for applications is September 30th, for an award to be taken up during the following calendar year. Awardees will be announced at the Literacy Research Association Conference in December of each year.


Applicants need to submit a Proposal, a Budget (together with a rationale for expenditure), details of a Sponsor (who must be an LRA member), and three supporting documents – a letter of support from a senior figure in the host institution, a letter of support from the Sponsor, and the CV of the applicant.

Proposal (500 words)


Applicants must provide a description of the context, goals, and activities associated with this project. In this description, applicants must address the following question: How will this project enhance literacy research in their institution, impacting both those who teach in it, and those who learn?

Budget (no word-count) and budget rationale (500 words)


Outline the proposed budget, specifying intended expenditures of up to US $2,500 for materials and resources (e.g., journal subscriptions; memberships in professional organizations; books; computer hardware; software for data analysis; funds supporting the dissemination of research knowledge). No support for salaries, for travel, or for work on specific research projects is permitted in this budget. In the budget rationale, please explain in what ways the expenditure specified in your Budget will impact literacy research in your institution, and beyond, and provide evidence of how local knowledge has informed the proposal.

Sponsor (Sponsor’s name, affiliation, and contact details, including email)


Every application must be supported by a Sponsor. This should be a current LRA member who knows the applicant, and who must be willing to act on LRA’s behalf to support the applicant, to help ensure that The proposed activity is conducted as agreed; Receipts for expenditure reach LRA within one month of the conclusion of the award activity; A report on the outcomes from the award reaches the Chair of the Award Committee within two months of the conclusion of the award activity; The successful applicant subsequently submits a proposal drawing upon the outcomes of their work to the LRA annual conference, and applies to the International ICG for a Travel Award.

Supporting Documents


Please be sure to include:

A letter of support from a senior administrator in the host institution

A letter of support from the Sponsor

A CV of the individual submitting the application

How to Submit A Proposal

The Proposal, Budget and Sponsor details should be in a single Word or PDF document, and the three supporting documents should also be either in Word or PDF format. The deadline for submission is September 30th, each year.

Proposals should be in electronic format as described above, and sent to: Lori Assaf,

Committee Members


The Committee will consist of 6 members who will oversee the Barr/Mosenthal Handbook of Reading Fund. Members are to be appointed as follows: LRA Presidents elected (to the office of Vice President) every second year to serve 4-year terms. The term will begin when that individual assumes the office of Vice President. While serving as LRA President and Past President – that individual will also serve as the committee’s liaison to the LRA Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Two members-at-large are to be appointed by the LRA Vice President (upon their appointment to this committee) for 4-year terms. The term will be the same as that of the individual within the LRA Presidential succession who made his/her appointment. While their counterpart in the Presidential track is serving as LRA President and Past President, the corresponding member-at-large will also serve as Chair of the committee. The Chief Editor of the most recently published volume of HRR will serve as an ex officio member of the Committee. Terms will change whenever the publication of a new volume of the Handbook yields a different Chief Editor. In any given year, the sitting treasurer of LRA shall serve in an ex-officio capacity as a non-voting member of the committee.

Lori Assaf


Alfred W. Tatum

P. David Pearson

Chief Editor

Lynne Watanabe

Committee Member

David Yaden

Past President

Marla Mallette
Marla Mallette

Barr/Mosenthal Award Winners

2023: Gehleigbe Bobson Bleh, Sponsor: Patience Sowa

2022: Zulfa Sakhiyya, Universitas Negeri Semarang

2020: Carina Branzila, Iași, Romania Janneth Chumana, Equador, Quito

2019: Carol Leo, Papua New Guinea: Sponsor: Katina Zammit

2018: Charlene Bredder, Cambodia; Sponsor: Claire Wyatt

Josefina Perilla Colmenres, Colombia; Sponsor: Samuel DeJulio