Innovative Community Groups

Doctoral Students
Formative Experiments &
Design-Based Research
Reading Clinics/
Literacy Labs



  • • To support the professional growth of doctoral students who are members of the Literacy Research Association.
  • • The ICG will communicate the interests and concerns of doctoral students by acting as a liaison between the Executive Board and the Doctoral Students’ ICG membership.
  • • The goal of the ICG will be to encourage the active participation of doctoral students in the Literacy Research Association


Sr. Co-Chair
Reka Barton

San Diego State University

Jr. Co-Chair
Alex Corbitt

Boston College

Asst. Co-Chair
Tempestt Johnson

University of South Carolina

LRA Board Liaison


Alumni Liaison
Tairan Qiu

University Georgia

Committee Members: Conference Coordinators

Sr. Conference Coordinator
Scott Storm

New York University

Jr. Conference Coordinator
Marisa Segel

Boston College

Committee Members: Newsletter Editing Team

Olivia Murphy
University of Maryland, College Park

Hayley Hoover
Clemson University

Alexandra Lampp Berglundy
The University of Georgia

Committee Members: Newsletter Writers

Liz Gibbs
Judson University

Marcie Stutzman
Salisbury University

Huan Gao
University of Florida

Sarah Fennelly
St. John’s University

Committee Members: DSICG Technology Committee

Tracy Donohue
Michigan State University

Emily Mannard
McGill University

Mary Rose
O’Shea University of Illinois at Chicago

Committee Members: Historian

Melissa Benson
University of Kentucky

Committee Members: Treasurers

Andrew Vardas-Doane
George Mason University

Emily Mannard
McGill University

Formative Experiments & Design-Based Research


  • • To serve the needs and promote the interests of LRA members invested informative experiments (FE) and design-based research (DBR) as a methodological approach to literacy research.
  • • To create a supportive, dialogic community of researchers confronting problems, issues, and challenges related to this approach and who wish to share their successes and failures, thus increasing collective wisdom and developing a network of resources.
  • • To clarify the parameters of this approach toward developing useful frameworks for conceptualizing, planning, conducting, and reporting FE and DBR. To develop and promote standards of rigor for designing FE and DBR and in collecting and analyzing data.
  • • To promote discussions about the fundamental purposes of literacy research, particularly the relation between research, practice, and the enhancement of human well-being.


Chair - 2019 - 2021
Emily Howell

Clemson University

Chair-Elect - 2019 - 2022
Ryan McCarty

National Louis University

Liaison - 2019 - 2022
Gina Cervetti

University of Michigan

Committee Members

Megan Adams
(2014 - 2021)

Barbara Bradley
(2014 - 2021)

Jamie Colwell
(2014 - 2021)

Michael Manderino
(2014 - 2021)

David Reinking
(2014 - 2021)

Jennifer Schneider
(2014 - 2021)



  • • To create a community of scholars in LRA who are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the study of the history of literacy.
  • • To provide a forum for the discussion of historiographic method as well as recent historical research as related to the field of literacy.
  • • To promote the scholarly study of the history of literacy in its varied forms in conjunction with organizations and scholars beyond LRA.
  • • To advocate that literacy professionals, both neophytes and more senior, should have a fundamental knowledge and healthy appreciation for the history of literacy and the literacy profession.


Chair - 2022 -
Samuel DeJulio

University of Texas San Antonio

Liaison - TBD


International Innovative Community Group


  • • To increase awareness of international literacy, research, activities, and ideas.
  • • To encourage contacts and collaboration between LRA and its members and literacy organizations and individuals from other nations.
  • • To increase availability of information about LRA to international members.
  • • To encourage international membership and participation in LRA.

Term Information

The International ICG has a chair, and 2 co-chairs (first Co-chair and second Co-chair), with 3-year terms. The second co-chair organizes the application process for the travel award. The first Co-chair works with the Chair in the business of the ICG and takes over as Chair the following year.


Lijun Jin

Towson University

Liaison - 2020 - 2023
Patriann Smith

University of South Florida

Luzkarime Calle-Díaz

Universidad del Norte

Carina lonela Branzila

Universitatea Alexandru loan Cuza

Committee Members: International ICG Steering Committee

Xiaoming Liu,
Towson University

Jessica Rubin
University of Waikato

Hitomi Kambara
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Ran Hu East
Carolina University

Lijun Jin
Towson University

Katina Zammit
Western Sydney University

Committee Members: Former Chairs and Steering Committee, active members

Lori Assaf
Texas State University

Patience Sowa
RTI International

Chinwe Ikpeze
St. John Fisher College

Poonam Arya
Wayne State University

Carol Janish
Texas Technical University
Email N/A

Janet Gaffney
Janet Gaffney University of Auckland

Multilingual / Transnational ICG


  • • To create a community of scholars interested in how people become literate in a second or additional languages.
  • • To increase awareness concerning the importance of dual and multi- language literacy in the U.S. and around the world among the membership of LRA.
  • • To encourage interaction and contacts with organizations and scholars outside of LRA involved in research and scholarship on dual and multi- language literacy.
  • • To advocate research-supported policies and instructional practices that promote multi-language literacies.


Co-Chair - 2021-2023
Lenny Sánchez

University of South Carolina

Co-Chair - 2022-2024
Mariannella Nuñez

University of the Incarnate Word

Liaison - 2023 - 2024
Zhihui Fang

University of Florida

Committee Members: Advocacy Working Group

Lenny Sánchez
University of South Carolina

Matthew Deroo
University of Miami

Kristen Pratt
Western Oregon University

Mariannella Nuñez
University of the Incarnate Word

Committee Member: Mentoring Program Coordinator

Mandy Stewart
Mandy Stewart Texas Woman’s University

Reading Clinics/ Literacy Labs


  • • To serve as a supportive, dialogic community of practitioner/researchers confronting problems, issues, and challenges faced across sites.
  • • To increase awareness of the many operational aspects of reading clinics/literacy labs, and provide assistance in fine-tuning administration and content.
  • • To provide a forum for discussion of current topics and a safe space to brainstorm solutions to problems and avenues for advocacy.
  • • To continually create a community of scholars who examine deep issues related to reading clinics/literacy labs, generate research questions, conduct collaborative research, and disseminate findings.
  • • Want information about or colleagues connected to Literacy Clinics, please contact us at


Chair - 2022 - 2025
Joan Rhodes

Virginia Commonwealth University

Tammy Milby

University of Richmond