Submit Content for Critical Conversations

Submit Content for Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations (in Literacy Research & Education) is the name of the stream of posts and updates at the front of the LRA website. 


Our mission is to create a space for students, educators, and researchers to share their narratives to create an inclusive and equitable teaching, learning, and working environment for all. 


This blog feed and the website provides educators, researchers, and related stakeholders with the tools, resources, and community they need so that they can connect research to practice in literacy learning experiences.

What do we publish?

Content in this feed will focus on making a specific area of expertise more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. We will frame the rigor, responsibility, and rectitude of academia while identifying opportunities for scholars to speak in a manner that is approachable and accessible. We must make intellectual work accessible, and accessible work intellectual. Approachable in this sense means content that is easy to engage, understand, and know. Accessible in this sense means that you can actually read it. Approachable means that you can use it. Accessible means that you can get it.


The blog feed on the website will serve as the main origin of content for the organization. Content will start here and then be shared out through the varied social networks. 


Content in the Critical Conversations feed will include:

  • News – The Newsletter and information from the organization. 
  • Updates – Information from Standing Committees, ICGs, Area Chairs, etc.
  • Resources – This will include updates and publications from JLR and LRTMP. This will include Policy Alerts, Research Papers, etc. 

In the future, we hope to open up a process to review and publish Stories from members of the organization as they engage in literacy education and research. 

What does this mean for me?

All updates from the organization, including the newsletter, reports from ICGs and Area Chairs, and announcements from Standing Committees will all be published on the website. To make sure you don’t miss out on any updates, please pay attention to the website, as well as the social accounts for LRA. 


In addition, we’re working on using a system to send regular updates to your email inbox if you’d rather have that support. 

Want to submit materials for Critical Conversations?

If you’re a chair of a Standing Committee, ICG, or Area Chair, one of the e-editors should have reached out to you already to schedule content to be added to the website. 


If you’d like to email the e-editors directly, contact us at


Alternatively, you can complete this form and an e-editor will get in contact with you shortly. 



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