Policy and Legislative Committee


The Policy and Legislative Committee is charged with keeping the LRA membership informed about policy issues and to support the organization in policy and legislative activities. The committee has multiple objectives including: identifying policy expertise and concerns within the LRA community, reviewing policy concerns and sharing concerns with the Board, and collaborating with the Board in the development of policy-related documents such as Endorsements, Resolutions, and Policy Briefs. In addition, the committee is expected to provide members with strategies for addressing policy issues at local, state, and national levels and to serve as a liaison with other organizations (e.g., ILA, NCTE, AERA) regarding policy issues. LRA Members who wish become involved in the work of the P&L; committee, who would like to develop a policy brief, or who would like to request that LRA endorse a particular policy or respond to a particular issue should contact the P&L; committee chair. More information about the committee, its objectives, and procedures for the development and dissemination of policy documents can be found in the Policy and Procedures Handbook.

Committee Members