LRA 2022 Student Outstanding Research Award

Are you a student already looking forward to this year’s LRA Conference? Have you conceptualized a promising paper based on your research? Would you like the opportunity to have your paper published in Literacy Research: Theory, Methods and Practice?


If so, please consider applying for the LRA 2022 Student Outstanding Research Award.


The Student Outstanding Research Award annually honors a student member of LRA in recognition of an outstanding research paper presented at the Annual Conference.


Requirements include the following:

    • The author must hold student status.
    • Research must be conducted by the student.
    • Paper must be written solely by the student or co-authored with students.
    • Paper cannot be co-authored or co-presented with a faculty member.
    • Paper must have been accepted for presentation at the 2022 Conference.
    • Papers representing various forms and genres of research (including conceptual papers)
      are welcome.


To be considered, submit your application to Jud Laughter at with “LRA 2022 SORA Application” in the subject by 1 September


For more information, visit