Integrative Research Review Spotlight on Catherine Compton-Lilly

The Literacy Research Association welcomes Catherine Compton-Lilly as one of its speakers for the 72nd Annual Conference as part of LRA’s Integrative Research Review Panel. LRA’s IRR Panel Session, titled ‘Review and Scholarly Syntheses as Anti-Racist Action’ will focus specifically on the silencing of and importance of BIPOC authors and scholars, along with the history of their work and global impact. Dr. Compton-Lilly’s

studies focus heavily on these authors and scholars, with her work: A Metasynthesis and the Inclusion of Scholarship conducted by Black, Indigenous, People of Color that explores the lives and perspectives of academics within the BIPOC community.  As a panelist, she will provide insight and research regarding BIPOC members, bringing attention to anti-racism, and heightening the voices of all minorities.


Dr. Compton-Lilly will detail and share her research regarding how black, indigenous people of color have been singled out and othered within school systems, and in turn will reveal similar themes of exclusionism in academic scholarship. Her presentation will showcase extensive research regarding BIPOC scholars and their relationship to literary practices, including real perspectives from BIPOC academics, as well as detailed methodological research to highlight the issue.

Compton-Lilly is the John C. Hungerpiller Professor at the University of South Carolina. She’s an established professor and academic in the College of Education. Primarily, most of her extensive research has been within familial literacy practices, with a particular interest in the literacy practices of children from communities that have been undeserved by other schools. Now, Dr. Compton-Lilly is currently studying and exploring the family literacy practices of immigrant families. She is an author and editor of eleven books, as well as multiple articles in major literacy journals including Reading Research Quarterly, Research in the Teaching of English, The Reading Teacher, Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, Written Communication, Journal of Literacy Research, and Language Arts.


Dr. Catherine Compton-Lilly has a unique passion for helping teachers assist children with reading, writing, and other literacy practices. She has a great interest in teacher education and is currently documenting the exceptional teacher education practices at the University of South Carolina. Other interests of hers include early reading and writing, student diversity, and working with families. Dr. Compton-Lilly holds emerita status at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  She is currently serving as an Honorary Visiting Professor at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan and completing a Fulbright Research and Teaching Fellowship in Taiwan.


Advance registration for the 2022 LRA Annual Conference ends on October 14th. To register, please visit the LRA website.


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