Integrative Research Review Spotlight on Mary McVee

The Literacy Research Association welcomes Mary B. McVee as one of its speakers for the 72nd Annual Conference as part of LRA’s Integrative Research Review PanelLRA’s IRR Panel Session, titled ‘Review and Scholarly Syntheses as Anti-Racist Action’ will focus specifically on the silencing of and importance of BIPOC authors and scholars, along with the history of their work and global impact.

McVee’s meta synthesis, titled: Racial Positioning and Emotion in Stories of Literacy Teachers: Transgressing Boundaries and Borders, co-authored with Aijuan Cun, University of New Mexico and Kristian Douglas, Clark Atlanta University, will draw inspiration from Bonilla-Silva’s idea of “racialized emotions”, focusing on the relationships between racial positioning and emotion. The review focuses on studies of teachers and teacher educators in educational and professional learning contexts that foreground race, literacy, and racialized positions through narratives, narrative research, or counter-narratives. This review will elaborate and address questions such as: “What racialized emotions are identified by researchers? What emotions are represented by researchers? What is the relationship between positions and racialized emotions?”

Mary McVee is Professor of Literacy Education and the Director of the Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction at the University of Buffalo, SUNY. McVee received her doctoral degree in 1999 from Michigan State University and undergraduate degree in 1988 from the University of Montana. McVee uses her expertise in literacy, culture, and narrative as a tool for conducting research in the field of education. Her research traverses positioning theory; narrative, social and embodied learning; digital literacies and multimodality; multimodal communication and disciplinary literacies in children’s engineering; and diversities of language, literacy, and culture. She is currently lead editor on the Routledge International Handbook of Positioning Theory (McVee, Van Langenhove, Brock and Christensen), which is the first interdisciplinary handbook on positioning theory. Her most recent book, co-authored with Lisa Roof, is The experiences of refugee youth from Burma in an American high school: Countering deficit-based narratives through student voice (Routledge).


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